Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sometimes, I let God pick my music in the morning. I put my iphone on shuffle and let Him choose for me. It’s kind of fun to let your BFF pick your playlist every once in a while… especially when He can choose to speak to your heart at the right times and tune your ears to listen to specific things.

This morning, He gave me a very enlightening sound track on my drive to work…

Click here to listen to this mix on 8tracks
1. Ready Now (Desperation Band)
2. Skies Interlude (David Crowder Band)
3. Beautiful Feet (Lecrae)
4. *Fin (Anberlin)
5. Hairbrush Song (Veggie Tales)
6. Silver & Gold (City & Color)

Since entering #GFES2013, listening to Ready Now is a typical occurrence to encourage my surrender, but the irony of this as the beginning to my soundtrack didn’t hit me until He showed me the full story…
1. Crying out for help and desire
2. Joy, a break or interlude from the seriousness of life
3. “Go” with a mission, people are praying I will “go”
4. The sorrow, depth of my heart, and reaching the lost causes
5. The searching and hunting or hoping for something I don’t need…
6. The end result, everything I love and fear disappearing.

This may not be beautiful to you. He may show you something completely different. But, it was a beautiful story this morning. It gave me hope for the future and a knowing that He is in control of my life.

I’m building the ark, and no one can see the rain yet, not even myself. But I have faith it will come. It will pour down like never before…