Friday, September 20, 2013

Faith or Works?

believe work

Faith or works?
Age old question, right?
Are you ready?
Was that so hard?
If you believe God will bring you milk for tomorrow but you sit on your porch all day and never offer a service or trade anything for that milk, someone is going to have to feel really generous to walk all the way to your house and offer you milk for no reason.

I don’t know about you, but my faith in people isn’t that strong. Faith in God yes. Faith in the world…. ehhhh… not so much.

So, what about works?

You can toil all day long and never be fruitful. You could work in the front yard and scowl at all the people walking by and the guy in a fancy car and focus only on what everyone else has and how happy they are… and would you be in a better place? Would you have connected with someone and brightened their day, or blessed them with words and brightened theirs?
So lets connect the two…
Let’s be Christ -like.

Let’s work and believe God will bring bread for tomorrow. Lets be fruitful and love and bless each other. Let’s put Him first, working for Him, knowing he will provide. If He’s your boss, you’ll do as He says and smile at the lady walking her dog when you’re working in the yard, so she feels safe. You’ll offer to help the kid who fell on his bike, embarrassed in front of you. You’ll reassure and encourage him with “I’ve done that before too. Don’t worry about it, no one saw.” and a wink.

You’ll bless through the little things, because actions speak louder than words and the little things matter.

Think on this today.

In what areas of your life are you working but have little faith? In what areas do you have much faith, but you’re not working to make it happen?

God says “Go” and “I will show you”, not “sit there and I’ll bring the world to your doorstep”….