Monday, September 15, 2014

Mind/Body/Spirit… Father/Redeemer/Breath

It’s amazing how the Trinity fits into our human nature so well.

I was driving yesterday and the idea came to me that truly, we have a God who fits each area of ourselves intimately.

First, we have a Father who is the creator of the universe, he created science and match and physics and all the other genius and complicated ideas in today’s world, which we at times struggle to comprehend as a culture, world, or individual.
God is smarter than me.

Second, we have a Redeemer, who saved us from our sins, desires, human nature to kill, steal, destroy, or other. We have a God who can erase our selfishness and continues to teach us how to be more like him.
God is in control.

Third, we have a connection to the Breath of Life, to the reverberations and pulse of God is in his Breath and Spirit, which hovers over the Earth and in our heart and soul. This is the part of God I long to connect with daily, and especially in times of spiritual development. I believe it’s the voice that speaks longing and desire for purpose and growth and change.
God is like my conscious.

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